I am Violeta a.k.a. Holy Moto, welcome to my page. I am a passionate rider, mom, psychologist and dedicated women empowerment activist. 

This page is about solo travels on 4 continents on my motorcycle Harley-Davidson Fat Bob a.k.a. Boris. Here you can find a lot of information about motorcycle adventures in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and South America. You can ask me whatever you need to know about shipping between continents, handling with motorcycle accident, riding solo and covering almost 40 000 kilometers by heavy classical motorbike.

You can find here useful information about motorcycle gear and equipment.

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In 2014 I’ve got my first Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 and I already knew: this is love! Together we had so many adventures! I started to be a part of Harley-Davidson family in Bulgaria and participated in establishment of first HOG Chapter – Sofia Chapter! On this motorcycle I got my first long tour – from Sofia, Bulgaria to Valencia, Spain, all by land. More about it, you can find here. It was my motorcycle events dedicated motorbike. Only in one year together we attended HOG Rally in Biograd na moru, Croatia and European bike week in Faak am See, Austria.

The big change in my life came with my beloved Boris: my FXDF Fat Bob in February 2015! After first 1000 km just to make a first oil change, we hit the road in my first big solo ride to Dublin, Ireland – 10 000 km in 30 days, 10 countries for a Breast Cancer prevention. What of adventures we had! Met so many wonderful people everywhere… Struggled with bad weather, drops or just fatigue, but all the time, excitement was with us! More about this epic adventure, you can find here.

I and Boris are such a great team! Just a month after the Breast Cancer Ride I hit the road again to Sweden and rode 6500 km in 8 days, hurrying to attend my first WIMA Rally in Ljungby. More about it here.

But first of all I am a woman with big dreams!

In April, 2019 I started to ride the world on my FXDF Harley-Davidson Fat Bob, Boris, in the name of all women, who need inspiration to follow their dreams; we can do anything we want, if we dare, even to conquer the world on a motorcycle! I covered 4 continents on my motorcycle. It was epic ride and reading my stories, you can find out why!

If I can do it, every woman around the world can do it! Join me!

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