In April, 2019 I started to ride the world and create new routes on my FXDF Harley-Davidson Fat Bob, Boris, in the name of all women, who want to be independent and dreams big; we can do anything we want, if we dare, even to conquer the world on a motorcycle!

Following  the original time schedule was very ambitious… I wanted to ride the world just in a few months – 6 to 8 and the distance about 56000 km. As some of my friends adventure riders joked with me – it is looked like a race or competition.

The main reason to plan such a crazy time schedule was that I couldn’t imagine to be far from my family and my daughters for so long. My youngest was only 3 years old when I started my tour. More about this you can find in my first book and also here and as it is said, your plan never happens as it was planned!

You can’t plan accidents or global curfew, even heavy rains or bushfires. And that’s the essence of the traveling – plan, be prepared, but stay open and flexible. 

Here you can find the routes of my trips on 4 continents. 


HolyMotoRTW 225

HolyMoto Original Planned Route round the world


Route Bulgaria to Georgia

The actual route of my ride from Sofia, Bulgaria to Tbilisi, Georgia

The first leg of my route around the world was Bulgaria – Turky – Georgia. It was around 3200 km and it took me 11 days to reach Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. Actually I was lucky to postpone the start of my rtw tour till late April! It was pretty cold in the mountains of Turky, there was a hail, snowing and I was freezing before to cross the mountains to Black Sea Coast and reach Trabzon.


Georgia-Azerbaijan-Iran Route

That’s the original route of second leg of my RTW route from Georgia to Iran

The second leg of the route was from Tbilisi, Georgia to Bandar Abbas, Iran. It was around 2400 km and it was about 10 days. It was a crazy rush and quite stressful due to the fact all American produced vehicles were restricted to be ridden in Iran. More about this you can find in my book and here Blog


UAE-India Route

This route includes ferries, airplane and cargo ship from Iran to Sharjah, UAE and to India

The third leg of my route around the world included for the first but not last time use of cargo ferry, shipping, dealing with customs and flying. I was lucky to catch a ferry from Bender Abbas, Iran to Sharjah, UAE. I explored a little bit longer than it was planned United Arab Emirates, due to the fact it was hard to find a shipping company during Ramadan. Sharjah customs was one of the most interesting experience I got. After dealing with the most horrible customs in the world the Mumbai customs I can said I am almost a pro in this. India was once in a life experience even for me it was a breaking point. Again I restarted to ride the world and create new routes after recovering. Why you can find in my first book or read here


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Possible Records – global and local

1. First female rider, who covered the world solo on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

2. First Bulgarian female rider, who have made a World Tour in the two hemispheres.