Wow! What a great experience last two days! Riding in India is huuuuge adventure, but I am so happy to be on the road again and for last two days I met so many wonderful people, that my hearth is full with gratitude and love! It’s a great feeling and even I am so tired and here is almost 3 o’clock after midnight, I can’t resist to share just a piece of this magic change of my impressions and feelings about India! I taste some great food, I rode in the darkness and survived, I get new experience in loosing myself, now I am loosing the car on the road, hahaha! I met so many bikers only in two days that I can’t imagine how many other friends I will gain till the end of my tour here! I promise to write more next days, when finally I succeed to arrive in daytime somewhere 😂 Thank you to all amazing people I met today and yesterday, you are so many! But special thanks to Mufi and Barodiani Biker for their precious help today and yesterday in Surat and Vadodara!!! As Julin Boruah sais, happiness ahead!