Day 60! We are in Jaipur, capital of Rajastan and home of Indian kings! But the big news is that yesterday I and Boris had our first big accident on the road close to Bhilwara! Now we both need some recovery and repairs! For me the result is dislocation of bone in my right wrist, stitches on my chin and in my mouth and some intention for surgery need… My Boris need new turn signal and mirrors, new left saddle bag, repair of the handle bar and maybe something more, but we will knew after check tomorrow with the guys in Harley-Davidson Jaipur! But first of all i want to thank from all my hearth to incredible people of India, who helped me on the place of accident, calling ambulance, replacing my bike and caring about my belongings! They also called to my precious friend Pravin Singh Bisht, who told them to stop my crazy intention to continue my ride! Thanks to Ashish, who first was on accident place and stop police to take my bike! Pravin and Mufi from Surat arranged help for me in the hospital in face of priceless Sunil Bhai! Pravin arrived to pick me and my bike from Jaipur and spent 8-9 hours on the road because of my stupidity to fell on the road, driving in rain, darkness and sand storms in mindless traffic to Jaipur! I can’t express my gratitude to both guys, Abdul Malik and great Puneet Maheshwari, who rode in the horrible storm and arrived at 4:00 AM with Boris, so he to be able to get maintenance tomorrow! My hearth was full with love and my eyes with tears, when my friend Julin Boruah called to Sunil, even they didn’t know each other and he told me, i will come to see you to be sure, you are alright!!! My best Indian friend Arun Mittal came this morning from Delhi to meet me after months of talking and discussing our common ride to Nepal, that we have to postpone now till i am able to ride again Boris! I hope it would be after two weeks! So, i got a lot of lessons! First one is never to be too tired or dehydrated on the road! 2. Amazing people are everywhere and as Arun said, God can’t be everywhere, but can send you somebody!!! 3. Even in the heat over 39 C, you have to wear full face helmet! If i was used my modular helmet as full face, I will not broke my chin! 4.Communication in foreign country is cruicial! If I didn’t lost my husband with car and didn’t catch the wrong route, maybe it will not happen! 5. Never forget you are learner all your life, as my friend Pravin said! We don’t have to be too confident and those healthy fear on the road is life saving! So, we will continue our ride after my recovering! You can support our repair and help us to hit the road soon on my PayPal or directly transfer to BG94STSA93000025086381 in DSK Bank!