Day 58/122! Again, amazing day in Malaysia! I told you there will be more adventures, but who know which kind exactly…!!!
My day started sad, I felt myself really bad in the morning and even I knew how many tasks I had, I didn’t want to leave the bed… But suddenly I received a call! There was some courier, who tried to explain me by phone, he got some delivery for me! I definitely didn’t expect anything, so after some misunderstandings, I realized the guy is on the door! So, I jumped from the bed and go out to get the delivery. What was my surprise, when I saw flowers and some cute teddy bear! The guy wanted to take me a picture, but I was so grumpy, that he quickly gave up, hahaaha! And then I opened the letter, attached to the flowers! You never will guess, who was the sender! It was my husband! He knew I am sad, because of separation with my Boris and he sent me all this to please me! And the text of the card made me cry… It was “Being strongly loved by someone gives you strength. Loving someone strongly gives you courage! Now I am the bravest and strongest man in the universe. I love you!” Now you understand, why I am capable to do what I am doing… Because I have the biggest possible support from the best men!
When I was able to start my work for the day, I started hard! I and Diddy spent all day front of the laptops, something that didn’t happens to me last couple of months! Around 5 pm Diddy informed me that we are going to some special place, but first we will get bikes from Harley-Davidson Petaling Jaya! I was already tired, but the opportunity for some wind therapy was something I didn’t miss anymore! So, we go to Gasket Alley again, I already feel myself like I have second home there, hahah! We met Farhan there, friend of Diddy, who just bought his first bike: one very cute Benelli! So, we took our Harleys, I choose to try the new engine of the company, so I got one new Breakout and Diddy got his Fat Bob. Riding on totally unknown bike in the night in big city is totally not my thing, but I have to confess, I enjoyed a lot! We arrived and joined to Soup Kitchen! Let me tell you more about this organization. The main activity and purpose of it is food supply for homeless people! To be volunteer in this, was totally new experience for me and I really appreciate it! I strictly followed instructions of the team and was happy to help and give a smile to the people in need! I still can’t explain all feelings and impressions of this experience, because it was surprise after all day hard work and sadness, then riding in Kuala Lumpur and in next moment giving a food to homeless…it could be real shock for the mind and heart… But it was real, I saw so many different people there: cute kids with their moms, handicap people, one lady with her cat, who treat her pet like a beloved kid, people from different countries and all ages… It was humbling and awakening experience! The team and volunteers also were diverse people: locals like my friend Diddy, foreigners like me, young and not so much man and women, who were there with one purpose – to help! When we move to the second place, where we gave food to the people in need, our Harleys attracted a lot of attention… like always! People enjoyed to see the fancy bikes like this and greeted us. When we done with the job, we jumped on the bikes again and go to the next adventure!
Totally different then previous experience! We parked our bikes… front of the symbol of Kuala Lumpur: the shiny and luxury Petronas Twin Towers! Diddy took some really great shots of me and the good-looking brother of Boris… I wish he was here with me, but you can’t get everything…! When we were done with the photo session, Diddy asked me: do you want to see something really cool? But we have to ride a little bit more than now… Always – was my response!
Next adventure, please! We rode on empty highway with bridges and smooth fast curves on the background of bright KL, like locals called their city! It was really cool and I enjoyed of the power of the new Breakout with huuuge smile on my face! But that was not the main surprise! We continued our ride on some narrow spare roads and then climb uphill! Finally, after some road maintenance, we arrived! It was already midnight, but it was full of people around! We parked our bikes front of some small place for food and sat on one table, ordering some dishes! But the big prize was the view! The view from the top to the night city!
Amazing and very touching experience! As my Bulgarian friends said: living in the movie… Thank you, Malaysia for this unforgettable time… One more day, the last one… I don’t want to leave, but I have to! I have to complete my mission! You touch my heart and again I am leaving piece of it in such a far place from my home, so I have no choice, I always will want to turn back to you, Malaysia! And I will do my best to deserve everything my friends here did it for me!
If you want to know more about my and Boris adventures, watch live my presentation about it tomorrow, Thursday, 21 of November from 5 pm, local time or 11 am for Bulgaria on my facebook profile! Ride safe, enjoy life!

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