Day 75&76/139&140! My last days in Australia! I rode last 160-170 km with Zeef to Brisbane after nice breakfast in Bayron Bay. We reached the place of meeting with Mar and Colette just on time, even I had to stop twice due to overheating of my phone, which I used like GPS 🙂
I just parked Zeef, when Colette came to welcome me and she immediately start to recording live video! But she is already real professional in this after so many lives during the Women Riders World Relay! She rode all the distance from Scotland to USA, covering more than 60 000 km! She is a real star of this first in the world and biggest female riders event with more than 30 000 participants from all over the globe! We rode together in the beginning of April in RN Macedonia, when I participated in the relay:) It was nice to see her again so far from our first meeting point! She introduced me to her friends from #Throwyourlegover , who are also Internationnal travellers and published few books about their adventures with very useful routes, which you can scan and get into your gps directly from the book!
Colette met me also with some of the organisators if the event, which was actually opening of the new shop of #Raceandride! She and Mar had to leave, so I stayed on the place, waiting for my friend Goran from Global Bikers United to come.
I got nice talk with couple of people around and soon the word of my adventures was spread:) I helped to few of the guys to gather the tent for the barbecue and I received free drink as a prize for “miss Bulgaria”, another nickname I received during my travel around the world:))))
With Mark and Lawry we talked about riding, Laverda bikes and Australian way of living! Soon I was greeted by one of the owners of the place Paul and he gave me small memory gift as thanks for coming! We took some pictures with my famous Bulgarian flag and I was happy to support this new home of motorcycle gears! I saw phone stands of #Givi and they looked really nice, maybe I have to get one for my ride with Boris in South and North America 😉
My friend Goran came on his GS BMW and we go for short ride in the city, stopped to the Kangaroo cliff point park and got coffee enjoying of the view to the city.
We go to his home where he and his lovely wife Suzana accommodated me for the night. We got wonderful evening talking about our countries, they are from Bosnia, which is one of the Balkan countries and we are almost neighbors! Also we had common friends as Keith from Penang and Alex Wong, Allyson and of course Diddy, my friend and host in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
Goran told me about his epic ride from Australia to Bosnia, when he got accident in China and broke his hand like me! He succeeded to be almost recovered in two months and turn back on the road, riding Mongolia and Wild Russia! You can find more for his adventures here #rideaboutau
Our talk was so interesting that we didn’t feel how time flies and we spent already couple of hours in our discussion 🙂
In the morning we got coffee and I had to plan my next steps: so, I’m going to New Zealand tomorrow! Kiwi’s I am coming!
Wait for more adventures in the area, they are coming too!

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